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Caribbean Stud History

Most poker enthusiasts have at least heard of Caribbean Stud, and many have even played it on occasion. The history of the game begins on some of the first Caribbean cruise ships to grace the waters and ends in online casinos found worldwide.

The First Games

The first game of Caribbean Stud is said to have been played aboard a cruise ship traversed the many different islands and countries that can be found in the area. Since it was a way for the cruise ship owners to make money, the players were often at a greater disadvantage than with other poker games. Though this has changed over time and the house edge for the game has been reduced to somewhat fair levels, many players still avoid the variant as there are other games that provide them with a better chance to win.

Today's Casinos

Caribbean Stud poker eventually made its way to the casinos in the Caribbean islands as well as in the United States via seaports in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. The whimsical name and prestige associated with the game lent to its popularity and allowed the game to spread to casinos all across the US. Today, Caribbean Stud is still played in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as in hundreds of online casinos all over the world. Though it is still known for its comparatively high house edge, players enjoy the thrills and simple gameplay.

Legal Battles

Caribbean Stud, like other casino games of sheer luck, has been met with its fair share of opposition from a legal standpoint--both in the past and present. Though it could be found in the US as early as the late 1800s, it was outlawed in 1910 and later reinstated as a legal game in 1931.These days, the game can still be found in casinos all over the world, but it cannot be found in any American-based online casinos due to the laws in that country.

Caribbean Stud is an exciting game that requires very little skill; players only need to make a single decision during the course of gameplay. Though the name brings with it an air of exoticness, Caribbean Stud is merely a simplified version of other poker games.