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Online Poker Scams

Thanks to online poker rooms, players can engage in competitive games at any hour and at rates that were once unheard of. The more games that can be played in an hour's time, the more likely it is that a perpetrator will try to pull of some sort of scam.

Honest and Fair Play

In general, online casinos stand to make more money when all of their players display fair gaming practices and they can weed out scammers effectively. Even so, there are those who will stop at nothing to ensure that they collect what they think they deserve. Casinos want to know if there are fraudsters in their midst, so any player who is concerned with the behavior of a fellow poker player should never be afraid to report this to casino authorities.

Software Exploitation

Though technology has certainly come a long way in weeding out hackers and fraudsters and preventing software from being compromised, it can still happen on rare occasions. Players with huge amounts of resources can sometimes create programs that will bypass firewalls and other forms of technology with ease, allowing these fraudsters to win each and every hand without a single loss. Though this is often caught after a period of time, they will often make off scot-free with the casino's money.

Player Exploitation

Another common scam often seen in online poker rooms is the exploitation of the players themselves. As an example, a fraudster may spend weeks or even months befriending a fellow player before asking for permission to borrow money from a casino account. Either the player hands over the money and loses track of the fraudster, or the player provides the fraudster with their account information and essentially becomes bankrupt.

The best way for players to deal with online poker room scams is to report suspicious activity to casino officials and never, under any circumstances, give out personal information or loan money to fellow gamblers.