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Maestro Online Casinos

Maestro is one of the most popular services by MasterCard. It allows customers to obtain their multi-national debit cards from an associate bank. It also allows customers to choose their PIN depending on the cash accesses and transactions from the bank account done from home or other places. Such cards can be either linked to the current account of the card holder, or even sued as prepaid card.

With the Maestro logo, it is possible to obtain all types of comforting services from different parts of the world. It allows access to bank accounts from any part of the globe. The MasterCard Worldwide backs the Maestro service, which makes it a fast, reliable and safe transaction. Shopping, dining or online transactions, everything has been made convenient by Maestro card. Maestro is known to be the premiere debit card in some countries, such as EU, and it is equally popular as Visa Electron or Visa Debit. Maestro card is actually tertiary of MasterCard.

How does Maestro Card Work?

Maestro card is just like a debit card. Cardholders can link their bank account to the card and use it. The card has to be credited. Once done, it is ready to use. For using this card, customers should produce it at the Point of Sale - the number will be entered, and then used. The card has to be verified and checked to assess the funds present in that account, and whether or not it is sufficient for the transaction. Once the card is verified, the PIN will be entered for confirming the purchase.

For secured transaction using Maestro cards, you must use SecureCode by Mastercard. It is a code, which will be known to the issuing bank and the cardholder only. The code can be requested while this transaction is processed online. Security measures also include using embossed numbers with extended hologram, hologram image and interlocking globes, tamper evident sign panel and many more.

Maestro Card is safe and most reliable to be used. However, its major drawback includes the fact it is not accepted by many casinos and countries.