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There are literally hundreds of people out there who have written books, essays and even novels that surround the game of poker. Though these books are sometimes found on bookstore and library shelves, others may be available for free via online torrents.

What are Torrents?

Torrents are essentially data files that have been compressed into smaller files and made available for free on the internet. They may contain text, movies, music or any other form of media. In some cases, those who download torrents are required to use certain software to open them, though this only happens on rare occasions. The most important thing to remember about downloading torrents for poker strategies is making sure that the download was legal.

Is it Legal?

Torrents are often associated with piracy as this is how many people manage to share copyrighted music and other media with others. However, this does not mean that every torrent is illegal. In order to determine whether the download is legal, first check local laws. File sharing is perfectly legal in the UK and Canada, but there are steep fines and even prison time for US offenders. Finally, use some sort of software--sometimes found in antivirus programs-- to check for copyright infringement before downloading.

The Benefit

The main benefit to downloading torrents for poker strategies is having the information available at players' fingertips almost immediately. Whether it is in the form of a book, paper or even recording, players can certainly benefit from strategies of all types. Not all of them are legitimate and some are even downright silly, but they are certainly great opportunities for players to learn more about the game and enhance their own skills.

Torrents are great ways for individuals to obtain media, as long as it is legal, and poker strategies are certainly no exception. Players who would like to share their own strategies can certainly upload them to torrent sites for download by the public.